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Passion , fire and grace

On Saturday nights we organize a dinner with orchestra and dance for only 15 € .

Sunday lunch  we have the highlight of the week: a beautiful flamenco show is put on stage by our Viva España ballet, one of the most select ballets in the whole of the Valencian Community.

Our ballet is composed of a formidable group of dancers and bailaores that will guide the spectators along the path and evolution of flamenco, showing  exquisiteness and purity through alegrías, bulerías, tangos, solea, rumba and seguírias. A fascinating journey through the different "palos " (beats) of flamenco, from the beginning to the present, complemented with a brushstroke of passion, fire, grace and beautiful costumes.

An incredible visual and acoustic journey , capable of generating enchanting scenic and emotion. It is, in short, a one-hour-long show that will intoxicate the viewer through the five senses.

You can find our variety of dates to enjoy horse shows in the section events

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